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DL 400C Certificate

When you pass our course, we ship official DMV certificate DL 400C on the same day. This form is needed when you go to the DMV.

Course Overview

Our course includes interactive images, graphics and videos. We also have included the official DMV videos to help you pass the road test.

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Our Course

Our Mature Driver Improvement course is a 400-minute long driver refresher course geared towards those who have been driving for a long time.

Topics Covered in this course are:

  • Refresher on Rules of the Road
  • Effects of Medicines
  • Factors Influencing Driver Performance
  • Trip Planning
  • Avoiding Road Rage and being a Defensive Driver
  • Understanding the Driving Task / Prevent and Reduce Traffic Accidents
  • Effects of Driving under the influence of Alcohol and other drugs
  • Speed Limits, Traffic Signs, and Traffic Signals
  • Driving Safely in adverse weather and specific driving situations
  • Occupant Restraints, Pedestrian safety and sharing the road

At the end of each chapter, we give you a short quiz that you can take unlimited times to pass before moving to the next chapter. At the end of the course, there is a 15-question multiple-choice final exam with unlimited retakes.


How long is this Course?

  • Our Driver Improvement Course is 5 Chapters, entirely online and is self paced. The course is the equivalent of 6 hours of Driver Improvement Training. Since this course is designed to be self paced and where one can log in and out, it may take you longer or less time to complete. Certificate of completion will reflect a total of 6 hours of Driver Improvement Completed.

Is this course licensed in the state of California?

  • Yes. Our school license number of MO362

How do I get an insurance discount for completing this Driver Improvement Course?

  • Yes you will get up to $90/year reduced by taking this course.
  • Each insurance company has different policies on who qualifies for insurance reduction so it is best to check with your specific insurance company before enrolling on their policy/procedure for accepting driver improvement courses. Be sure to ask your insurance provider if your driving history is eligible for any discounts or reduced rates if a voluntary driver improvement course is completed. When speaking with your insurance provider, also be sure to ask how long your discount or reduce rate will be for and what percentage the discount is.

How do I get my Certificate of completion?

  • We can email you your completion certificate as well as print it in our San Jose office and ship it out to your address as well.

Student’s taking the course for court ticket dismissal purposes are recommended to select the mailed certificate. Most courts/judges want the original certificate of completion. Because of various court requirements, our certificate of completion is printed for security reasons on special certificate paper that prevents reproduction so it is the original Court Certificate.

The original certificate must be sent directly from our office to you.

  • When you enroll, you may choose regular USPS mail (estimated delivery 7-10 days) or expedited mail delivery service for an additional fee if your certificate is needed sooner.

Sample Certificate

This is what your sample certificate looks like:

Sample Mature Driver Certificate

Study At Your Pace

Study At Your Pace

Our Online Drivers Education Course is completely self paced. Log in and out of the course as many times as you'd like! Your progress is automatically saved.

Works Everywhere

Works Everywhere

Whether you use a tablet, PC or a smart-phone, our online course works on all devices. You can study at home or work, at your convenience.

Informative Course

Informative Course

Visual aids help our users understand our materials better. We have incorporated videos and graphics to assist you in the learning process.

Reliable Support

Reliable Support

Customer support is the backbone of our business. We provide phenomenal support via Live Chat, Email and Phone.

Secured Site

Secured Site

Data security is our number one priority. We encrypt all of your information. Your info is moved away from our servers once you finish the course.

Instant Reports

Proactive Communication

If DMV or Court signals user's incorrect/missing information, we make every effort to contact your to resolve issue.

Only 5 Chapters to Study

Only 10 Chapters!

We made our course as simple as possible. With only ten chapters to study and our practice quizzes, helps you get ready for the final quiz.

High Success Rate

99% Success Rate

The final exam covers what you study in our course. With over 99% success rate, rest assured you are making the right choice choosing us.

Get your driving permit the easy way. With our course, you get a 30-Hour course without timers. Upon completion, we ship your certificate to you on the same day.
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