California Traffic School FAQs

FAQs for California Course

While DMV recommends users to spend about 6 hours on a traffic course. our online course curriculum is self-paced. Without timers, it largely depends on how quickly YOU can go through the material.
Our online traffic school is licensed in ALL counties in California. It has been licensed by the California DMV under license number E0538. Please check our license here

In California, when a driver is issued a moving violation they must pay their court the violation fine amount plus a state mandated Traffic School Admin fee and request traffic school as an option with the court. Once the driver completes that step, they then can then enroll in a Licensed California Traffic Violators Course (TVS).

With Urban Traffic School, once you successfully complete the course and pass the final exam your TVS completion is electronically submitted through a secure DMV system to the Court. When the court receives the TVS completion and if all fine/fees owed to the court have been paid and traffic school was elected/approved by the court, the court will add a confidential conviction to your driving record. A confidential conviction will mask the violation from your public record. Insurance companies will not see the confidential conviction.

California Vehicle Code 1808.7 states:
(a) The record of the department relating to the first proceeding and conviction under Section 1803.5 in any 18-month period for completion of a traffic violator school program is confidential, shall not be disclosed to any person, except a court and as provided for in subdivision (b), and shall be used only for statistical purposes by the department. No violation point count shall be assessed pursuant to Section 12810 if the conviction is confidential.
(b) The record of a conviction described in subdivision (a) shall not be confidential if any of the following circumstances applies:
(1) The person convicted holds a commercial driver’s license as defined by Section 15210.
(2) The person convicted holds a commercial driver’s license in another state, in accordance with Part 383 of Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations.
(3) The violation occurred in a commercial motor vehicle, as defined in subdivision (b) of Section 15210.
(4) The conviction would result in a violation point count of more than one point pursuant to Section 12810.
(c) This section shall become operative on July 1, 2011.

Yes! As a matter of fact, over 70% of our students finish our course on the same day. It’s made to be easy, fun and simple for you.
No, we save your progress each time you complete a quiz so you can login anytime and begin where you left off.
Urban Traffic School course has five chapters. At the end of each chapter there are 3 question quizzes, which will prepare you for the final exam.
Our final exam is 25 general knowledge questions. Questions range from common practice of driving a motor vehicle to rules of the road.
DMV allows us to give you a second final exam for free. They are not the same questions, but very similar to first exam. If you fail even the second time, we also provide a free course re-takes with our premium and deluxe packages.
You must complete all 5 chapters of the course, pass the 5 chapter quizzes and pass the final exam in order to receive a Certificate of Completion. Urban Traffic School will issue a Certificate of Completion within 24-48 hours if participants meet and complete all the requirements for the course.
Yes. When we designed our website, we made sure it works on smart phones, tablets and computers alike.
There are several hundred traffic schools in the State of California. List of traffic schools provided to you differ from time to time. Each month most of the county courts revise this list and unfortunately it is always ordered randomly. One of the best way to locate our license information is by visiting our license page. Urban Traffic School should be listed in the list of "approved" traffic school provider in any paperwork that was given to you as long as it is a Superior Court of California. Please check us also via our license number E0538 or phone number 408-634-3232
From time to time, users are given coupon codes to enter into our system when you are making online payment. If your coupon code does not work, please contact our live chat and they'd be happy to help you.
The court may approve traffic school for a driver with a commercial driver’s license if the eligible offense occurred in a noncommercial vehicle. After completion of an approved program by a driver with a commercial driver’s license, a conviction will appear on the driving record at the DMV, but a point will not appear for the offense.
Commercial Drivers must complete form DL207 - Driver License Record Correction Request - (Traffic Violations/Convictions Only) to have their driver's license corrected. For additional information contact the Mandatory Actions Unit at (916) 657-6525.

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